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Welcome To The Baking World!!!

Baking: A one-stop solution for make everything alright

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a friends get-together or just an evening snack to go with your tea, it’s always nice to have something sweet to accompany. I feel baking is the one-stop solution to make everything alright. For me, it is a stress buster, whenever I see that dough rising out of the oven and the aromas filling my nostrils, I tend to forget the worries I had in the day.

I have seen my mother bake cakes for us on our birthdays and believe me it is the most wonderful memory to have your loved ones putting all their efforts into a dish to make the day more special for you.

Baking being one of my passions has opened up the world for me. Not only it has allowed me to make so many friends by sharing food and recipes, but also with so many cuisines around the world, it becomes fun to mix and match the tastes from every corner of the world.But, eating right and healthy is also as important as satisfying our taste buds.

I believe eating right and healthy is also as important as satisfying our taste buds.In this blog, I have tried sharing with you some healthy, quick and tasty baking recipes. These recipes will kindle your passion towards baking without adding extra inches to your waistline.

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